Guide to jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 7 – 7.0.4 using Evasi0n

evasion 7 error

 When iOS 7 was launched, I knew I had to wait for a long time to get untethered jailbreak for my iPhone5, and I was using my iPhone without any jailbreak. Thanks to many amazing features of iOS7 like call blocker, Live wallpaper, I didn’t really miss iOS7 jailbreak for long. But now, we have iOS7 untethered jailbreak is available, and so many amazing Cydia tweaks are being released every day, it’s right time to Jailbreak your iPhone5 or 5S running on iOS7 and install awesome Cydia tweaks. In this step by set tutorial, I will share every details you need to know to jailbreak iPhone 5 running latest version of iOS7.

Download Evasi0n and iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak compatibility:

The first version of Evasi0n jailbreak tool for iOS7 when launched had few bugs, so I waited for couple of days to ensure that all the bugs are fixed, and now at the time of writing, current version of 1.0.2 which fixed many bugs, and now you can download Evasi0n and start the process. You can download the latest version fro official Evasi0n website over here.

Download the latest version depending upon OS you are using and follow the instructions given below. In my case, I’m using an iPhone5 running iOS 7.0.4 and I’m on Mac OS.

Also before you start the iOS7 untethered jailbreak process, ensure that you do the following:

  • If you are using Passlock on your iPhone, disable it.
  • Current updated version of Evasi0n supports untethered jailbreak up to iOS 7.0.4, so make sure you update your iPhone to latest firmware. If iOS 7.0.5 is released, I would suggest you to check with Evasi0n official website for an update.
  • Take a complete backup of your iPhone to ensure you can restore it back.

How to Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 5 running iOS 7.04 using Evasi0n

Connect your iPhone to your computer via cable, and take a complete backup of your iPhone. Don’t forget to transfer all app purchase by clicking on Backup > transfer purchases under iTunes. Once backup is done, quit iTunes and open Evasi0n tool.

In my case, when I tried opening evasi0n file, it gave me error saying ““evasi0n 7” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”

In this case, select the evasion 7 file and right click on and click on Open> and again open to make this work for you. This is a known evasi0n bug, so you don’t need to worry about anything.  Once Evasi0n jailbreak window opens, it will detect the iPhone connected to your computer, and you will see a screen as you see below.

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 7

Now Evasi0n tool will do the rest of the work, and all you need to do is follow the instruction. In between, this will reboot your iPhone once, and will ask you to tap evasion icon on your iPhone.

evasiOn 7 icon


Once you do that, it’s just matter of time that Evasi0n will restart your iPhone 3-4 times and congratulations your iPhone 5 or 5S running on iOS 7.0.4 is now jailbroken.  Once your iPhone stops rebooting, exit evasi0n and open your iPhone and you will notice the Cydia icon there. Click on Cydia icon, and for the first time it will prepare the file-system, and will reboot your iPhone again. Now, all you need to do is install some of the useful Cydia repo, install new Cydia tweaks which are compatible with iOS7 (I will be sharing updated list in coming days, so don’t forget to subscribe). If this is the first time you are jailbreaking your iPhone, here are some of the essential resources which you should read:

I will be sharing list of updated Cydia tweaks and hacks which you should use on your jailbroken iOS7.x devices. I still have to perform the jailbreak on my iPad2, and will be sharing a tutorial for the same shortly. For now, if you have successfully jailbroken iPhone 5 using Evasi0n, it’s time for you to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Google plus. If your divide is stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to Shout for help via comments.

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