Samsung announced its latest MICRO LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle TV products at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 (CES 2022).

With improvements in picture and sound quality, more options for screen sizes and accessories, and interface upgrades, the 2022 display enhances the ‘Screens Everywhere, Screens for All’ experience. ‘Screens for All’) close to life with immersive visuals, immersive sound, and hyper-personalized experiences.

MICRO LED: The pinnacle of display technology

As Samsung’s most advanced display, MICRO LED offers the best picture quality thanks to 25 million micrometer LEDs that produce distinct light and color, delivering an immersive experience with incredible detail. amazing, vibrant colors, increased clarity and contrast. At CES 2022, Samsung launched MICRO LED with 3 different sizes – 110”, 101” and 89”.

In addition to hardware improvements, MICRO LED 2022 will support 20-bit deep grayscale. This means that the MICRO LED models can exploit every detail in the scene, providing superior light control with over 1 million steps of brightness and color intensity to create a true HDR experience. The device also displays full DCI and Adobe RGB color gamut, delivering lifelike colors. MICRO LED boasts breakthrough performance with a vibrant bezel-less design thanks to its 99.99% screen-to-body ratio.

Finally, MICRO LED comes with advanced usability and customization features:

• Art Mode allows users to turn any area into an art gallery by selecting and displaying their favorite artwork or digital images. The MICRO 2022 LED also comes with two exclusive media artworks from renowned artist and designer Refik Anadol.

• Multi View Mode allowing users to view multiple content simultaneously from four different sources – from any or all four HDMI ports – in 4K resolution at up to 120 fps.

• Dolby Atmos Delivers an immersive, multi-dimensional audio experience with top, side, and bottom speakers.

Improve Neo QLED with Neo Quantum Processor and Audio Experience living move

Thanks to the Neo Quantum Processor and advancements in visual and audio technology, Neo QLED 2022 will deliver the perfect picture and most immersive sound possible. In fact, this year’s Neo Quantum Processor will introduce enhanced contrast mapping with the BLU (backlit unit), increasing brightness levels from 12 to 14 bits for better control of the light source – the Quantum lamp Mini LED increases the TV’s brightness control to 16,384 steps, a fourfold increase from the previous 4,096 steps.

Shape Adaptive Light technology leverages the Neo Quantum Processor to analyze lines, molds and surfaces to adjust the shape of the light from the Quantum Mini LEDs, improving the brightness and accuracy of all shapes on the screen. The outstanding picture quality thus enables the full display of HDR content. Samsung’s Neo QLED 2022 is also equipped with Real Depth Enhancer, an intelligent image quality algorithm that multitasks to create a more realistic feel by identifying and processing an object on the screen relative to the background. to create a sense of detail.

Additionally, Samsung’s Neo QLED 2022 will feature an EyeComfort mode, which will automatically adjust the screen’s brightness and tone depending on the built-in light sensor and sunset/sunrise information. The screen will gradually reduce the amount of light and deliver warmer tones as the ambient light changes, adjusting the blue light level accordingly. This provides a more comfortable viewing experience at night by reducing blue light that affects sleep quality…

Neo QLED’s audio features are also being significantly improved. Building on OTS (Object Tracking Sound), directing sound to move across the room with the object on the screen, 2022 products will feature OTS Pro, which integrates powerful booster speakers to create sound arch bar. Neo QLED 2022 will deliver a truly superior Dolby Atmos sound experience with the addition of new flagship channel speakers from Samsung. With streamlined multi-channel speakers, Neo QLED delivers an immersive audio experience that follows the action from any angle.

TV Lifestyle – Smooth combination of design and technology

Samsung’s Lifestyle 2022 TV monitor seamlessly blends design and technology to deliver a uniquely personal experience. New Screen technology coated with a matt finish (Matte screen) with anti-glare, anti-reflective, and anti-fingerprint properties has been applied to The Frame, The Sero, and The Serif for an immersive experience. most pleasant and comfortable viewing. The new Matte display on the Samsung Lifestyle 2022 monitor has received three certifications from the UL (Guarantee Laboratory) namely ‘No Reflection of Glare’, ‘No irritating glare’ and ‘Does not cause glare to the eyes. people with refractive errors’.

The Frame New technology allows museum art to be truly enjoyed thanks to anti-glare, low-reflective technology and Matte screens. The screen also avoids fingerprints and smudges, helping users enjoy their favorite works more fully. The Frame comes in a variety of sizes, from 32” to 85”.

• The Serif Features an extra layer of frosted glass to blend seamlessly with the Matte display, elevating the iconic design to complete the most refined, luxurious look. The Serif is available in various sizes, from 43” to 65”.

The Sero Deliver the ultimate viewing experience with the new Matte display in both portrait and landscape modes. The Vertical Multi View function increases multitasking, allowing users to view different content at the top and bottom of the screen simultaneously, or search for information online while viewing any content.

The ultimate user experience on the new Smart Hub and apps

Samsung Smart TV 2022 will come with a new Smart Hub, focusing on content management and discovery features that match users’ viewing preferences. The new Smart Hub will direct users to their favorite content or help them discover it, while saving them more time. The Smart Hub sidebar also enables smooth switching between categories – Media, Gaming Hub and Ambience for users to comfortably manipulate different indoor activities.

• Gaming Hub: Through game streaming services, Samsung’s Gaming Hub will allow players to discover the games they love faster. Samsung works with industry-leading brands – NVIDIA GeForce Now, Stadia, and Utomik – to deliver a vast library of games.

• Watch Together: The new app allows users to video chat with friends and family while watching their favorite shows and movies, bringing people closer together.

• NFT Platform: Intuitive, integrated app to discover, buy and trade digital art through MICRO LED, Neo QLED and The Frame.

• Smart Calibration: Users can fine-tune the settings for optimal image quality. Basic mode features quick and easy screen calibration within 30 seconds, while Professional mode optimizes the display for true-to-life picture quality in about 10 minutes.

Upgrade accessories to suit user needs and preferences

The 2022 versions also include more accessories to personalize the user experience. The Sero’s vertical viewing experience has been converted to an Auto-rotating Mount and Stand, allowing users to enjoy auto-rotation of the screen when viewing on mobile devices.

In addition to accessories, 2022 products, including the Smart Hub, will support vertical interfaces and offer vertical Multi View with apps like YouTube and TikTok, as well as mirroring and casting in vertical format. Finally, style options like Ambient Mode+ and Art Mode will add a unique vertical rotation mode. The new rotation key on the remote allows the user to rotate the screen with a single button press.

What’s more, the 2022 edition monitor offers limitless personalization with a variety of framing options for The Frame and a moving wall mount for all TVs.

Break sound barriers with features and soundbars Latest

The sound bar for 2022 is enhanced with technological advancements to deliver a more immersive, three-dimensional audio experience. Q-Symphony, Samsung’s renowned surround sound creation that allows the Neo QLED and the soundbar to work together, now has enhanced synchronization. This allows sound from the soundbar to coordinate with all of the TV’s speakers, including the top channel speakers, to create a large, powerful audio experience. , to create a large, powerful soundscape.

The new version of the sound bar will have a wireless Dolby Atmos connection and a Smart TV connection with the wireless sound bar, providing an outstanding sound experience from the resonance of the TV screen and the sound bar without being affected by cables. cumbersome around.

In addition, the HW-S800B Ultra Slim redefines the line of ultra-thin soundbars by combining passive heat dissipation technology with a subwoofer to deliver incredibly loud bass. The new ultra-slim soundbar features top-of-the-line ceiling channels that deliver powerful sound at just 1.6 inches thick.


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