Lens and accessory manufacturer Viltrox has just launched a new Canon EF to Sony E mount that integrates an OLED display, supports full autofocus, and supports EXIF ​​data transmission.

This new Viltrox EF-E5 Smart Mount Adapter is the 5th generation of Viltrox that has improved many things and new features compared to its predecessor. Notable of this new generation of adapter is the integration of an OLED screen to display the focal length, aperture and focus mode of the attached lens. In particular, this adapter also supports full autofocus of EF-mount lenses when used on Sony E-mount cameras, with a smart ring on the side of the adapter, you can easily switch between phase detection. autofocus (PDAF) and contrast detection autofocus (CDAF).

The adapter automatically transfers EXIF ​​data from the lens, which means that in-camera changes will also be accurately saved when used with EF lenses in conjunction with this adapter. EXIF support also means IBIS support with compatible E-mount Sony cameras.

In addition, Viltrox also equips a micro USB port on the adapter so that users can update the firmware quickly and easily later, providing compatibility with many newer lenses in the future. The Viltrox EF-E5 Smart Mount Adapter will cost $199 and will also include a dust cover.


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