As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) distribution partner, FPT Telecom provides an infrastructure solution that connects directly to AWS to help customers leverage the full value of AWS Cloud for business growth.

The current stage of the post-Covid hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud takes advantage of the advantages of Private Cloud and Public Cloud

It can be said that the Covid pandemic has restructured the economy in general and the IT industry in particular. Many businesses face ever more difficult situations, such as high maintenance costs, the cost of hardware renewal or new investments. To be able to maintain funding and develop business after the pandemic, companies are forced to look for a more flexible business model, both reducing costs and optimizing resources to overcome obstacles. . One of the important pillars of this model is cloud computing technology.

Cloud Computing enables customers to benefit from reduced investment costs, rapid deployment, scalable on-demand response, and reduced uptime. However, there are still many businesses that choose to store data in the country, but want to take advantage of the available advantages of international cloud service providers like AWS. That’s why the Hybrid Cloud was born to address this need, delivering the economies of scale, availability, availability, and automation of Public Cloud (like AWS, for example. ) but still meet compliance requirements for data storage or business systems that must be located in the country.

However, the problem of data synchronization as well as information exchange between two cloud platforms in different geographical areas is one of the main obstacles for the deployment of hybrid cloud solutions for reasons such as: latency. large when connecting via the Internet environment, complicated operation, difficult for security and compliance… making organizations have a headache looking for a solution to this connection problem.

The “solution” for the problem of connecting Hybrid cloud for businesses

FPT Telecom International – a member company of FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom), one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam, has found a solution to the problem of hybrid cloud connectivity for businesses. .

In addition to 24 years of experience in providing telecommunications infrastructure and data centers, FPT Telecom also built its own Hi Gio Cloud cloud platform to serve domestic customers. In the past 2 years, FPT Telecom has started to build solutions to support customers to move to the Cloud with a hybrid cloud approach (Hybrid Cloud), taking advantage of its existing infrastructure strengths.

With newly upgraded infrastructure connecting directly to AWS in Singapore and experience in consulting and implementing for banking, financial and insurance customers, FPT Telecom is confident to provide AWS Direct Connect to customers. customers with an up to 99.95% quality of service commitment and compliance with AWS’s strictest security requirements. The bandwidth provided to a single customer can be up to 10Gbps and is routed to Singapore via AAE1, IA and APG underground cables.

AWS Direct Connect is provided by FPT Telecom through the FPT Cloud Connect service, a secure and high-performance private connection solution with direct connection from the data center or office to AWS.

FPT Cloud Connect ( is an advanced solution for businesses through a dedicated connection to service applications in a simple, efficient and secure way, based on the most popular cloud providers on the market today.

By using FPT Cloud Connect, customers can establish private connections between AWS, Azure, GCP… and data center or office environments, which can often result in lower network costs, increased bandwidth throughput more stable network connection and experience than a normal Internet connection.

“FPT’s FPT Cloud Connect service uses unique and reliable shielded cables that make the AWS Direct Connect service more secure and highly available. From there, we can confidently bring high-class service experiences to VPBank’s Fintech customers.” – Mr. Tran Ngoc Thang – Network Engineer, VPBank Finance Co., Ltd[CL1]

Not only at hybrid cloud connection infrastructure

Besides AWS Direct Connect service, FPT Telecom also provides many efficient and optimized customer support services on the basis of AWS: Solution Provider (Customers easily access the power of AWS, comprehensive Cloud solution. to help businesses modernize their applications, save on operating costs, and improve work efficiency), Migration minimizes downtime and data loss by providing fast, reliable recovery to physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers on AWS, Managed Services (A team of highly skilled professionals ready to help businesses remove the burden of operating systems on AWS and Hybrid model) Cloud)

With the pioneering mission of bringing the Internet, bringing connections to the Vietnamese people, and the great desire for every Vietnamese family to use at least one service of the company, FPT Telecom is making efforts to implement the Strategy “Bringing to a great experience for customers” on the basis of promoting the core cultural value of “Customer-centric” and the foundation of FPT technology power, thereby pioneering to become a digital service provider with Outstanding customer experience, the best in Vietnam.


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