Instructions to unlock IP via CSF on DirectAdmin

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CSF or ConfigServer Security & Firewall is a popular Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall distributed as open source . CSF is very widely used and popular, most server services, control panels are equipped with this application to prevent security risks as well as limit attacks.

CSF features intrusion detection and application security for Linux server systems set up in csf.conf. If someone is trying to log in to your server or SSH into the wrong server many times, CSF will immediately block that IP to protect the server.

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However, in some cases where you forget your login information, log in incorrectly many times and CSF itself blocks your IP, making you unable to log in, in this article AZDIGI will guide you to unblock IP in CSF on DirectAdmin using the interface and in SSH.

Note: In case your IP is blocked and cannot access DirectAdmin or SSH. Please use another network (different wifi, 3-4G) to access and remove the old IP that is being blocked

1. Instructions to unlock on Dashboard DirectAdmin

This way will help you to find and unlock the IP directly on the DirectAdmin interface.

Step 1: Login to DirectAdmin

Please log in to DirectAdmin with your account admin to perform

IP unlock via CSF on DirectAdmin

Step 2: Find and select ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF)

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After you have logged into DirectAdmin, you will find a function called ConfigServer Security & Firewall. You can find it in Menu Extra Features or enter a phrase in the search box

  • For the new DirectAdmin interface
anh 76
Standard interface
1652501315 313 Instructions to unlock IP via CSF on DirectAdmin
Refreshed interface
  • For the old DirectAdmin interface
1652501325 193 Instructions to unlock IP via CSF on DirectAdmin

Step 3: Find the IP and remove the blocked IP

After getting inside ConfigServer Security & Firewall. You find the section Search for IP then enter the IP to open and press Enter on the keyboard.

If you do not know which IP is being locked, at the locked device, you access the IP check link below, you will see an IP address appear on the screen.

1652501338 860 Instructions to unlock IP via CSF on DirectAdmin

You will then see a message line including: IP address, reason and time blocked. To remove this IP from the block list, please click the green button with the line Remove IP block

anh 79

2. Instructions to unlock the above in SSH

In addition to using the interface as above, another way is to SSH into the server to remove. Usually the technique I use this way is because it’s faster and more professional.

Step 1: SSH into the server

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If you do not know how to SSH into the server, please refer to the following article to do it.

Step 2: Check IP

To check if any IP is blocked on the CSF. You perform the test with the command csf -g xx.xx.xx.xx and in it is the IP to check.

[[email protected] ~]# csf -g

Table  Chain            num   pkts bytes target     prot opt in     out     source               destination

filter DENYIN           157      3   120 DROP       all  --  !lo    *

filter DENYOUT          157      0     0 LOGDROPOUT  all  --  *      !lo  


Table  Chain            num   pkts bytes target     prot opt in     out     source               destination
No matches found for in ip6tables

csf.deny: # lfd: (sshd) Failed SSH login from (IT/Italy/-): 5 in the last 3600 secs - Wed Apr 27 06:35:15 2022

Step 3: Remove blocked IP from CSF

To remove blocked IP from CSF you use command syntax csf -dr xx.xx.xx.xx and in it xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP to remove

[[email protected] ~]# csf -dr
Removing rule...
DROP  all opt -- in !lo out *  ->
LOGDROPOUT  all opt -- in * out !lo  ->

So I have completed the guide to unlocking CSF IP on DirectAdmin with 2 wings for you. Hope you are succesful

If you need assistance, you can contact support in the ways below:


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