Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple has ever launched

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Apple a few days ago announced the cessation of production of the last model of the music player – the iPod Touch, let’s take a look at the famous music player lines that Apple once launched.

A few days ago Apple announced that the iPod Touch, the last model in its line of music devices, would be discontinued. They also said that the iPod Touches being sold at the Apple Store are final products, and will not continue to be replenished when out of stock.

Apple’s decision to stop producing iPod recently has made many people in the early 9x generation and earlier regret it because of the heyday when it dominated the youth for a while. With a luxurious compact design, this machine is not only used to listen to music but also as a fashion accessory for the “trendy” people in the early 2000s.

Over time the iPod was upgraded, closer to the design of the iPhone. But when the iPhone era opened and created a great buzz, it was also the time when the iPod gradually sank into oblivion because the built-in features inside the iPhone could almost completely replace the music player.

Although Apple has repeatedly tried to revive this music device many times, it seems that the prospects are not really as expected. Now we can only refer to the iPod as an antique that once stormed the early 8x 9x “rich kid”. Let’s take a look back at the proud life of this music player.

The first iPod – 2001

Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

This is not the first MP3 player on the market, but when Apple introduced it, it made a lot of competitors wary. Wrapped around the device is stainless steel, easy to use with navigation buttons and mechanical control rollers. Despite the compact size of only a deck of cards, it has 5GB storage, holds up to 1000 music files, which can be expanded to 10GB. After its release in November 2001, it quickly received love from users, although the price was quite high at that time from $ 399, Apple was successful in the first generation. Unfortunately, the first version only supports Mac users.

iPod second generation – 2002

1652513311 559 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

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A year after the huge success, the second version comes out with some new features. Not only support MacOS but iPod is also compatible with Windows operating system, Windows users can enjoy iPod for the first time through MusicMatch Jukebox, helping iPod reach a whole new audience, mechanical roller transforms into touch form. and the capacity can be expanded to 20GB (equivalent to about 4,000 songs). With each different memory, the size of the iPod will increase to 0.06-inch.

iPod third generation – 2003

1652513311 855 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

Completely different from the first two generations, the 2003 version changes the design with more rounded corners, a thinner body and a more prominent arrangement of control buttons when using a red, horizontal icon. instead of lying around the roller. In addition, this version adds a Dock Connector port, allowing it to connect other compatible computers and accessories. And it seems that at that time the demand for music increased, so Apple opened up the capacity option up to 40GB.

iPod fourth generation – 2004

1652513311 155 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

Characteristic of this generation is that they have eliminated the physical buttons and use Clickwheel touch technology. iPod 4 is the line that leaves the most impression in the minds of users, it has a gray control ring, offering two options of 20GB and 40GB.

iPod fifth generation – 2005

1652513312 362 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

The fifth-generation iPod improved on the iPod Photo, officially using a color display on its music devices (except for the Shuffle line). The design of the iPod 2005 was also changed, it expanded the screen size, the body was thinner. Expandable memory up to 80GB to serve the needs of video storage and video playback on iPod.

iPod Classic

1652513312 439 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

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In 2007 the Classic line was introduced, it used a luxurious aluminum case. The iPod Classic played music, videos, and even audiobooks, and when it was released it replaced the iPod Video. Its capacity was expanded to 120GB, then soon a 160GB option was added. At the time of 2014 when smartphones began to dominate, the music player line was difficult to stand on in the technology market, so this is also the time when the iPod Classic stopped production.

iPod Mini

The Mini series was first introduced in 2004, it has a small size, 5 color options and a maximum capacity of 4GB.

1652513313 590 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

Second Generation: In 2005, the iPod Mini’s Gen 2 expanded the memory to 6GB.

iPod Shuffle

This is a brand new MP3 player concept from Apple, it is very small, light and has no display. Users can only listen to a random song or control the return to the song they just finished listening. Small capacity only 1GB.

1652513313 127 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

Second Generation: Offers more color options and slightly more storage, 2GB.

Third generation: It is smaller than previous models but has 4GB. Besides it has a special buttonless design. Users can play music through VoiceOver technology.

1652513313 841 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

Fourth generation: Minimalist and more compact, the iPod Shuffle Gen 4 transforms into an elegant, square shape.

iPod Nano

In 2005, the first generation iPod Nano appeared. Gen 1 has two traditional colors black and white and compact size like other iPod lines, limited capacity 4GB but it has a color screen.

1652513314 842 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

Second generation: Nano launched in 4 colors with up to 8 GB of storage in 2006.

Third Generation: Unlike previous models, Gen 3 is shorter and smaller. It can still play video but the capacity is still only 8GB.

Fourth generation: Continuing to change shape, Gen 4 returns to an elongated design with 8GB and 16GB memory options.

Fifth generation: Nano with built-in microphone.

1652513314 867 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

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Sixth generation: New design iPod Nano Gen 6 appears, it has the same size and touch screen as Apple Watch. Thoughts are strange, but this generation of iPod failed because it lost the inherent characteristics of iPod. It is also difficult for users to manipulate the screen beyond the limits that Apple designed.

1652513315 827 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

Seventh generation: The design changes to almost the same as the iPhone, but the large multi-touch screen and the Home button below the edge.

iPod Touch

The first generation iPod Touch was released, it had the same design as the iPhone that had just been released at that time. 3.5-inch multi-touch screen, many other features of iPod similar to iPhone such as catching Wifi, surfing the web, watching Youtube, except it can’t make calls.

Second generation: The second generation iPod Touch is shaped like the iPhone 3G, but it’s thinner at just 0.33-inches thick.

1652513315 606 Summary of the line of iPod music players that Apple

The third generation: The design is the same as the old generation, it is only expanded to 64GB and the performance is improved.

Fourth generation: Gen 4 is the first iPod Touch with a camera, FaceTime chat support, video recording. Besides, the visibility is upgraded thanks to the Retina screen.

Fifth generation: It’s still the same as the iPhone 5, but with a larger screen than the Gen 4. Thinner and improved camera.

Sixth generation: The 6th generation Touch has capacities up to 128GB, it brings many of the hardware features of the iPhone 6 series, including the A8 processor, improved camera, and more.

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Seventh generation: Introduced in 2019, Touch Gen 7 has up to 256GB of memory and 8MP camera resolution.

After 20 years, the iPod has fulfilled its once-in-a-lifetime mission, bringing emotions to life, and now it leaves behind memories for generations of 8X and 9X. At the same time, technology is getting more and more modern and there are many innovations, it is time for iPod to give way to other more trendy devices.


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