Referring to Korea, many people will immediately think of the beautiful cherry blossom scene in spring, or the romantic scene with yellow and red colors of autumn. “addictive” to travel believers.

During this time, there will be countless cafes, restaurants, beaches, parks and many more places with Korean charm and charm for you to visit. In addition, there are many interesting activities for you to experience and many destinations in the land of kimchi are very suitable to visit in the summer. Here are 5 places selected by the travel website The Korea Travel Post.

1. Sacheon City

This city became famous after the Sacheon sea-crossing cable car system was launched and put into use in 2008. This cable car has a sightseeing stop at the top of Gaksan Mountain. From here, you will have the opportunity to see the amazing scenery of this city.

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Located in South Gyeongsang Province, the port city of Sacheon is not known to many tourists as much as other Korean places such as Seoul or Jeju Island, however, this mystery is also a special charm of the city. Sacheon.

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When you come here, you will be surprised by its romantic and fresh beauty, with countless famous restaurants that will satisfy your culinary preferences. After enjoying delicious seasonal fish dishes, you can leisurely watch the sunset at Seaman’s Café, or take a walk near Daepo Port, a very suitable place for “virtual life” photography. Finally, you can visit Namildae beach and immerse yourself in its magical blue waters.

2. Gadeokdo . Island

The largest island in Busan will be the next attractive destination for every tourist who chooses the land of kimchi this summer. Gadeokdo – a beautiful island with poetic, wild and peaceful beaches will definitely be a perfect place for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the bustling city and give yourself precious moments of rest.

If you are a lover of ancient and old beauties, you can visit Gadeokdo lighthouse. This lighthouse has been built since 1909, and it is its appearance that makes Gadeokdo known as the “Island of history”.

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3. Yeongheungdo Island

Yeongheungdo Island in Incheon City has 3 great beaches, including Narri on the east coast and Simripo on the northeast and Janggyeong on the northwest. With a sparse population, the tourists are the temporary residents of this island, so it really is a perfect vacation paradise.

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Endowed with an abundance of nature, with a wide variety of high-quality seafood, coming to Yeongheungdo Island, you will also enjoy many delicious dishes and that has made this place one of the places worth visiting in Korea. Country this summer.

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4. Seonyudo . Island

Seonyudo Island in Gunsan City is considered a hidden treasure in the land of kimchi. Connected to nearby Munyeodo, Daejangdo and Jangjado islands, so just go to Seonyudo, you can go to all 4 islands at once.

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Considered a beautiful destination with majestic and magnificent natural scenery. You will be mesmerized by the outstanding white sand beaches amidst the crystal clear blue water that can blow away the hot summer heat and give you the most relaxing moments.

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You can also take a boat around the island to have real experiences, like watching the sunset, watching the skyline. For those looking for a bit of a thrill, try the zip line, which starts near Myeongsasimni beach.

5. Wando Island

Wando Island is the largest island of Wando County, in South Jeolla Province, South Korea. With special historical values, this is also a place ranked by The Korea Travel Post as one of the best destinations this summer.


Cheonghaejin (Qinghai town), once the headquarters of Jang Bong (historical figure of Korea, also known as Truong Bao Cao) is also located here.

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Wando is connected to the mainland and is located near Sinji-do Island. Between Wando and Jeju Island are the Chuja Islands, a group of 42 small islands. In addition, Wanho Island is one of the places where you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes as well as admire the country’s top beautiful arboretums.

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