Memories are back with Boss Hoang Kim Mon Sect

Memories are back with Boss Hoang Kim Mon Sect

Possessing Mon-Sect equipment that is considered the “best server”, Boss Hoang Kim Mon Phai has always been the place where earthquakes and earthquakes have occurred in the martial arts world for more than a decade.

Recently, VLTK Cong Thanh Chien’s Memories cluster continues to increase in popularity, having just brought the latest information about the Boss Hoang Kim system, after the successful launch of the new server Truong Giang on 1.6 last. .

Memories Cluster and Golden equipment system

According to the latest information from NPH VNGGames, the Memoirs cluster will have the return of many Boss Hoang Kim with full five elements. Boss out time has also been determined with the daily 19:15 frame. The position of the Boss will appear identical to the time of VLTK Cong Thanh Chien in 2005, so gamers have already memorized it. For example, Manh Thuong Luong is often present at Truong Bach Son North, South, 7 Thanh Thi; Gia Luat Ti Ly is present a lot in Phu Dung Dong or Truong Bach Nam; Tuyen Co Tu is mostly seen in the Two Thuy Dong Dong, sometimes in Truong Bach Bac, …

Accordingly, each Boss owns different Golden equipment. Master Huyen Giac has a Mong Long shirt, a Phuc Ma stick, and a Tu Khong knife; Co Bach used Ngu Long knife, Ke Nghiep spear, Ham Thien mace; Duong Phi Yen has Sam Hoang darts, Bang Han flying knives, Thien Quang crossbows; Lam YY will drop U Lung Kim Xa hat, Ta Sat virtual Minh knife, U Lung Xich Yet shirt; Manh Thuong Luong dropped the Dich Khai stick, Dong Cuu gloves and hat, etc.

Ha Linh Phieu will give Voi Gian sword, jade pendant and Vo Ma shoes; Yen Hieu Trai dropped two knives Bich Hai Uyen Uong, Qi Hoang, Bich Hai’s belt; Gia Luat Ti Ly gave Ma Thi Liet Diem spear and belt, Ma Thi Liet Diem hat; Dao Thanh Chan has the Qi Feng Zhenyu Sword, the Egyptian Jade Boi, and the Lang Yue Tai Chi Sword; Tuyen Co Tu made a hat and jade pendant Lei Khuong and Suong Tinh knife.

These Golden equipment all add a lot of stats, but the most important is the faction skill point line. This is also the line of equipment that brings its own value and terrible competition from gamers to be able to own it.

Relive the feeling of “fired PK” with Boss Hoang Kim Mon Sect

The reason why Boss Hoang Kim Mon Sect is so interested is because this place always brings extremely fierce battles between Guilds. These PK matches gather a large number of gamers, sometimes up to hundreds of members, from many different powerful states. All of them aim for the same purpose: to own the Hoang Kim Mon Sect.

In the sharing of a VLTK gamer Cong Thanh Chien, he clearly remembers the first time he hunted Tuyen Co Tu with Bang. That time, despite having prepared in advance, the whole state was mercilessly intercepted by many strong opponents in the server. That fight was so intense that almost no one could keep the damage on Tuyen Co Tu for more than 30 seconds, all of them were knocked out of the field.

The battles in the cave every time Boss Hoang Kim Mon Phai comes out is always exciting, dramatic and unhurried. At that time, the PK bets even broke out almost an hour before the time of the Boss, struggling with each other, sometimes all night, to destroy the Boss. So it’s really memorable, so much so:“At that time, no matter how busy they were, when it was time to hunt Boss Hoang Kim Mon Sect, all they could do was give up to PK. Hunting for one thing makes the whole village scream and want to sell the net shop, but that’s all good food, including Bang.”

Cluster of Memories has brought those memories back once again, busier and busier than ever. On June 1, the S2 Truong Giang server – Memoirs cluster was officially launched and received the participation of a large number of players. Therefore, we can fully hope that one day not far away, the battles at Boss Hoang Kim Mon Sect will return and be much more fierce.

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