Tips to keep in mind for safe travel

If you’re planning a trip and wondering how to travel safely, check out these tips to keep in mind for safe travel in 2022.

Comply with regulations on disease prevention

Disease prevention rules have become an integral part of the tourism industry, after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some places severely fine tourists if they do not comply with regulations on prevention of Covid-19 epidemic. To keep yourself safe and avoid trouble, travelers should carefully study the epidemic prevention regulations before departure.

Tips to keep in mind for safe travel

Do not wear flashy jewelry

Wearing expensive, flashy jewelry easily makes tourists a target of thieves. Leave them at home, especially if you plan to travel to crowded areas. This not only helps you to store your jewelry, but also helps ensure your safety.

Limit alcoholic beverages

A lot of people enjoy exploring the local nightlife while traveling. But keep in mind that the choice of beverage when traveling is very important. There’s a chance you’ll get lost in a complicated neighborhood, and obviously being drunk makes you an easy target for scams and robberies. So always be careful with your drink.

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Be smart about money

Carrying around huge amounts of cash is never a good idea. Instead, open an account at an international bank or credit card company that you can use while traveling. If you absolutely need to withdraw large amounts of cash at once, keep most of your cash in a hotel safe and bring only what you need for the day.

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Know the phone numbers of emergency services

Look up and memorize the emergency services number at your destination, even before you get there. You should also look up the phone number of your country’s nearest embassy, ​​before you leave. Write them down or save them to your phone so you have quick access in case of an emergency.

Use the right bag

Crossbody bags are safer than shoulder bags or handbags and can prevent bad guys from getting your bag. There are many types of bags made specifically for travelers with features such as slit-resistant straps, RFID buckles, and zippers. Invest in a good bag that fits your needs and preferences, and also makes travel safer.

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Keep copies of important documents

When traveling, your passport will be the most valuable thing you carry. In the event of a passport being stolen, having a copy on your phone or a photocopy will make it easier and quicker to resolve the issue.

Try to fit in

Tourists often tend to dress well and make themselves stand out from the crowd, but this is what makes them vulnerable to bad guys. So you should try to be normal like the locals. Dress like the locals, and even if you get lost, try to stay calm to ask and find your way. If you need to ask for directions or consult a map, step inside a shop or cafe to do so.

Use reliable means

Research reputable taxi companies before traveling and use only that brand. If you want to use a technology taxi, find out information about the type of application that is popular in that country. In addition, you should carefully check the driver’s information, license plate and verify the location before getting on the car.

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Update with friends and family often

Before you leave, let someone know your itinerary and update them with any changes in plans. Make it a habit to check in with a close friend or family member at home at the end of each day. If something goes wrong, you’ll get help faster if someone knows where you were that day.

Thanks to the help of the locals

When you check in at a hotel or inn, ask the front desk or concierge about safe and unsafe areas, then mark the places to avoid on your map. If someone or something makes you uncomfortable, it’s best to leave.

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