Top 5 popular SUV/Crossover models in Vietnam

Top 5 popular SUV/Crossover models in Vietnam

High-rise cars are increasingly popular in Vietnam. The models most chosen by Vietnamese people are mainly in the urban SUV segment or C-class cars with the advantage of compact size and low price.

5. Hyundai Santa Fe

  • May sales: 620 vehicles
  • Accumulated sales 2022: 4,421 vehicles

The presence of Hyundai Santa Fe on this list is not surprising because it is one of the most popular models in the Vietnamese market. However, being only ranked in 5th place with more than 4,400 cars sold after 5 months is clearly not a remarkable achievement.

In fact, after the Lunar New Year, Hyundai Santa Fe along with “brother” Tucson encountered a serious shortage of goods. Dealers don’t have cars for sale even though demand isn’t low. Since then, the situation of “beer with peanuts” occurs, causing buyers to spend an additional 70 to hundreds of millions of dollars in accessories if they want to buy a car.

Ignoring market factors, Santa Fe is still one of the top priorities for a D-size crossover with its sleek design, many configuration options, fully equipped as well as stable performance. .

4. Honda CR-DRAW

  • May sales: 745 cars
  • Cumulative sales 2022: 5,383 vehicles

In May, sales of Honda CR-V were “grounded” with 745 units sold after exploding in April (2,093 vehicles). CR-V is usually not in the sales race group, but this is actually a pretty successful half year for this model. In the context of many competitors constantly increasing prices, running out of stock or selling with conditions, the CR-V is quite available, even at a discount – giving accessories to buyers to stimulate demand.

In its segment, Honda CR-V has to compete with very strong rivals such as Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson, and will soon have more Kia Sportage. However, this is still one of the models that has confirmed the brand in Vietnam.

Honda CR-V has 3 versions, priced from 998 million VND. The car owns a strong design, 1.5L turbocharged engine with a capacity of 188 horsepower with outstanding safety features in the Honda Sensing package including forward collision warning, lane departure warning, collision reduction braking, support. lane keeping assist, adaptive automatic throttle and low speed vehicle assist.

3. Kia Seltos

  • May sales: 1,737 vehicles
  • Cumulative sales 2022: 7,194 vehicles

Appearing on the market from 2020, Seltos can be considered as one of the models with the most impressive pitch on the market. With the exception of the initial period of severe shortages, the Seltos regularly appears in the monthly 10 best-selling cars list, even competing for the first place.

In the past 2 years, Seltos has never been hot when buyers often have to “line up” for several months to receive the car. Even the selling power of this model is not affected even when Thaco continuously increases the car price.

Located in the urban SUV segment, Seltos hits the hearts of Vietnamese consumers in favor of small high-rise cars. Compared to competitors, this model has the most SUV-style design, fully equipped. The car has 4 versions, priced from 639 to 759 million VND

2. Mazda CX5

  • May sales: 1,880 cars
  • Accumulated sales 2022: 7,358 vehicles

There has been no upgrade since 2019, but the Mazda CX-5 is still the most popular crossover with Vietnamese users. With a selling price from VND 839 million, Mazda CX-5 is considered to be on par with Mitsubishi Outlander (from VND 825 million), and lower than Honda CR-V (998 million) and Kia Sportage (899 million).

CX-5 has all 7 versions, using the characteristic KODO design with youthfulness and softness. The CX-5 scores points for its beautiful exterior design, which is equipped with many amenities compared to competitors in the same segment while having some disadvantages such as a narrow luggage compartment, an entertainment system that is not commensurate with the price range.

1. Toyota Corolla Cross

  • May sales: 1,717 vehicles
  • Accumulated sales 2022: 9,462 vehicles

Positioning exclusively in a segment temporarily called B+ or C- (higher than B-class urban SUVs but lower than C-class cars), Toyota Corolla Cross is recording unexpected success with the top sales in the market since early 2022. Along with Toyota Vios, Corolla Cross is becoming Toyota’s new sales king, helping the company to stay further away from rivals this year.

Corolla Cross is the pioneer model in the Vietnamese market using a hybrid engine with a beautiful design, fully equipped with basic safety and comfort features. The car has 3 versions, priced from 730 to 928 million.

In 2021, Corolla Cross is the 4th best-selling car model in Vietnam with more than 18,000 units sold.

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