The synergy between units in the industry is the law of development of many industries. For the express delivery industry, this rule becomes even more inevitable in the context of a strong market development. Typically, express delivery unit J&T Express has joined hands with third parties to bring more value to customers, together to overcome challenges in the digital economy towards the goal of sustainable development. .

One-Stop Shop (roughly translated: One destination for all needs) is a model of providing a wide range of products and services to customers in a single destination. In fact, this model appeared in the world in 1916, and was also popular in Vietnam under the shadow of shopping complex, dining, beauty, supermarket, … in big commercial centers. such as Vincom, Takashimaya, Aeon Mall, Lotte Mart, Crescent Mall, etc.

Today, when the needs of consumers become more and more diverse, the One-Stop Shop model gradually becomes a popular trend. As an important link in the supply chain, the express delivery industry is obviously not an exception to that wave of change. In the first episode of the “Red Guide” series of talks with the topic “Express delivery – Success or failure of online sales”Mr. Do Huu Hung – General Director of AccessTrade said that from the perspective of courier companies like J&T Express, instead of operating individually, businesses should “shake hands” to provide users with a solution. optimal, similar to One-Stop Shop model.

Specifically, with this model, businesses will cooperate to propose a “package solution” that brings integrated and multi-utility products and services: from shipping units, payment units to orders. sales support. In the current context of strong digital transformation, this not only brings competitive advantages to the business itself, but also creates a seamless customer experience, contributing to increasing the reputation of the business.

Customers are always the beneficiaries of the resonance of cooperation deals

Previously, the express delivery model was only encapsulated in the definition of delivery and receipt of goods, with few cooperative relationships with third parties. However, now, in order to improve the customer experience completely, many courier companies – typically J&T Express have increased cooperation with 3rd parties under the One – Stop – Shop model. integrated solution.

Prominent among them is the signing of cooperation agreement between J&T Express and Sales Management software, trading platforms, online sales applications, payment gateways The link between J&T Express and software For sales such as Pancake, Upos, Haravan, Kiot Viet, .., online sellers will benefit directly when they can track the entire shipping process and quality of goods through each stage, control the flow of goods. import and export from the warehouse, and receive a variety of shipping deals from J&T Express. For example, the cooperation of J&T Express with UPOS not only customers of UPOS receive a large number of delivery vouchers from J&T Express, but the existing ecosystem of J&T Express also has the opportunity to access a sales management software. efficient goods. Recently, on the occasion of UPOS’s 3rd birthday, J&T Express also immediately gave customers registered on UPOS a promotional package worth 1,000,000 VND which was converted into 500 J&T Express shipping discount codes.

Especially, during the recent epidemic, this model has proven effective when it helps to “rescue” Vietnamese agricultural enterprises. Specifically, UPOS supports farmers to put agricultural products on social networks, do business and manage order closing through livestreams. Meanwhile, J&T Express focuses on strengthening and expanding the types of transportation services, upgrading the system, processing orders and delivery methods to meet the transportation needs of the people, shortening the distance. distance between farmers and buyers.

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the handshake deal between J&T Express and Haravan technology platform – an omni-channel sales solution for online business units. This cooperation also brings open business opportunities for sales units on both platforms, especially businesses with “wet feet” with online business.

For example, from March 10 to April 10, 2022, J&T Express customers using Haravan’s services for the first time will receive 3 months free of charge using Harasocial – Social selling solution. At the same time, Haravan customers also enjoy a preferential price of 18,000 – 25,000 VND for the first time using J&T Express’s shipping service via Haravan Ship solution. In addition to cooperation on technology platforms and applications, J&T Express is also a partner of major domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, which has also opened up opportunities to expand sales channels for shop owners, as well as convenience for buyers to access products and services with many different touch points.

It can be seen that expanding cooperation with third parties is a springboard for businesses to access more resources and customers, and add value to the participants in the ecosystem. Thereby, businesses will have a basis for exchanging large amounts of data, in-depth analysis to create better values ​​and experiences for customers.


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