The above statement has just been released by the Vietnam Cyber ​​Emergency Response Center (VNCERT/CC), the Information Security Administration on May 30, based on statistical monitoring on the system to receive and reflect information. Spam messages, spam calls via number 5656 recently.

Reflections from many people through the receiving system, reflecting spam messages and spam calls operated by VNCERT/CC showed that the subjects sent messages to recruit collaborators via iMessage, Facebook, Zalo … with a hostile level. attractive for users.

Many people have received messages impersonating an e-commerce platform to recruit collaborators.

As soon as the collaborator has a need for feedback, the subject will send fake links to e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Sendo … to invite to perform the task. The object instructs collaborators to make online orders to increase interaction for the stalls, requires collaborators to have a bank account to pay for the order first, and then they will receive the principal back plus a discount. rose.

Initially, the tasks have a small value of only a few hundred thousand, the collaborators will be refunded goods and commissions to the bank account. Collaborators are required to perform steps such as order confirmation, money transfer to the company account.

By the time collaborators feel attractive and easy to make money, the scammers will invite them to do tasks with high-value orders, about several tens of millions of dong. After making 1 transaction, the collaborator will be notified that he has to make 2 to 3 transactions to get a refund, at which point the victim is no longer able to transfer money, only to realize he has been scammed.

“Some other collaborators, when they followed all the transactions, were notified that the system was under maintenance, then their contacts were blocked and their assets were taken over”VNCERT/CC more information.

Previously, in mid-April and early May, VNCERT/CC Center had warned about the phenomenon of fake objects from TikTok Company, Tiki e-commerce platform sending messages to recruit employees to reach many people. for fraudulent purposes. According to experts VNCERT/CC, for those who are inherently vigilant, the above message only makes them feel uncomfortable. However, for those who are easy to believe, these spam messages make them easy to be lured into joining a large-scale multi-level line. With the promise of simple, work-from-home jobs and high salaries, many people have been scammed.

In order to avoid being scammed leading to property loss, VNCERT/CC experts recommend, people need to raise their vigilance towards the act of recruiting collaborators online; regularly update the latest information on the form of impersonation fraud on the media and the portal.


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