According to data, the entire logistics industry currently accounts for about 12% of global GDP, equivalent to $ 9,600 billion. However, logistics technology only accounts for a modest $17.4 billion, equal to 1/7 of the Marketing technology (MarTech) market serving the e-commerce market. A rare number of logistics enterprises that focus on technology investment like J&T Express quickly create a strong foothold in the market by providing a convenient shopping experience, reducing waiting time and saving costs for all customers. beside.

A few years ago, order taking, packing, sorting and dispatching was done manually. However, at peak periods such as Mega Sales 11.11, 12.12 on e-commerce platforms, or the online shopping boom during the period of isolation, this familiar model begins to clearly show its weaknesses. The story of goods being stuck at the warehouse for dozens of days, leading to damage and broken dams, has caused many buyers and sellers to fall into a “distorted face”. Not to mention when the market grows, the number of goods is increasing, the loss or loss, confusion is easy to happen if there is no optimal solution.

In order to meet the increasing demand of the market and improve the shopping experience of customers, a few express delivery businesses have actively invested in technology in the modern transit center system very early. Typically, at the system of 36 transit centers and the 37th center that is about to be completed, J&T Express all apply modern technologies such as DWS smart sorting system, automatic processing according to Smart Logistics standards and automatic matrix conveyor system.

On the delivery journey, technology also helps shorten the travel time for the shipper and save the shipping cost for the buyer. AI (artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning (machine learning) solutions are applied by many shipping companies to establish optimal and shortest routes, helping shippers quickly deliver goods to recipients. at various points.

On the seller’s side, before when ordering a delivery service, they could only wait, unable to know if the order had been delivered to the customer or if there was a problem in the middle. Now, this problem can be solved thanks to new technologies, like J&T Express’s Track and Trace feature that makes it easy for merchants to place orders, determine bill of lading quantities, and calculate shipping costs. direct. In addition, this technology also allows to change the receiving point, creating convenience for recipients and sellers.

On the side of delivery businesses, the investment in technology will help businesses meet the increasing demand for transportation in the increasingly strong wave of online shopping. As for buyers and sellers, optimizing order processing will help products reach customers on time and intact, minimizing unexpected situations such as delivery to the wrong address, distortion. , damaged goods, etc. When they can shop with confidence and are satisfied with the delivery experience, customers can return to shop next time, thereby helping online sellers grow their revenue sustainably.

Applying technology to each link in the management and operation process, the transport unit has solved the big worries for both sellers and buyers on the online buying and selling journey. At the same time, this creates a great competitive advantage, helping logistics enterprises break through in the market. Mr. Phan Binh – Brand Director of J&T Express in Vietnam shared: “In the coming time, J&T Express will continue its efforts in understanding the locality, launching customer-centric initiatives to develop services, and at the same time, applying technology to management. goods circulation to enhance transportation capacity. In addition, we also prioritize the training of highly skilled and professional human resources in information technology to be able to serve the increasing demands of the market and improve the customer service experience. best.”


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