Nvidia GTC 2022 will open on March 21 and here, we will have the opportunity to learn about the new age technologies of artificial intelligence AI with many real-life applications. Not only that, viewers in Vietnam also have the opportunity to receive expensive graphics card RTX 3070 from Nvidia.

Nvidia announced that it will host the GTC 2022 virtual conference from March 21-24, featuring a news keynote from founder and CEO Jensen Huang and over 900 panel sessions from 1,400 speakers. audience, including some of the world’s top speakers, researchers and industry leaders in AI, high-performance computing, and graphics.

This GTC will focus on accelerated computing, deep learning, data science, digital twins, networking, quantum computing and computing in the data center, cloud clouds and edges. There will be more than 20 sessions dedicated to how AI can help visualize and deepen climate science.

Notable speakers at GTC:

  • Andrew Ng, Founder of DeepLearning.AI, Founder and CEO of Landing AI
  • GS. Bjorn Stevens, executive director and director of the Atmosphere in the Earth System division, Max Planck Institute of Meteorology
  • GS. Chelsea Finn, assistant professor of computer science, Stanford University
  • Hao Yang, vice president of AI research, Visa
  • Jack Jin, Infrared Machine Learning Lead Engineer, Zoom
  • Joe Ucuzoglu, CEO, Deloitte US
  • Lidia Fonseca, chief digital and technology officer, Pfizer
  • Magnus stberg, Software Manager, MercedesBenz AG
  • Marc Petit, General Manager of Unreal Engine, Epic Games
  • Markus Gross, vice president of research, Walt Disney Studios
  • Michael Russinovich, CTO and technical member, Microsoft Azure
  • Natalya Tatarchuk, Global Graphics Director, Unity
  • Peter Stone, executive director, Sony AI and professor of computer science, University of Texas, Austin
  • Yu Liu, AI director, Meta
  • Zoe Lofgren, Member of Congress, United States House of Representatives
  • Other organizations participating include Amazon, Autodesk, Barclays, Bloomberg, Cisco, Cornell University, DeepMind, Dell Technologies, Ericsson, Flipkart, Google Brain, Lockheed Martin, NASA, NFL, Snap, US Air Force and VMware

The Nvidia GTC event offers participants at all stages of their careers the opportunity to learn and grow out of the box – with most of the discussions free to join.

In addition to the opportunity to learn, the opportunity to learn about the new age technologies of artificial intelligence AI with many real-life applications. The organizers also added attractive gifts for Vietnamese people who registered for the event. Specifically, those who successfully register will have the opportunity to receive a cash gift with a total value of 3 million VND. In addition, those who watch the show will also be lucky enough to own an expensive graphics card RTX 3070 from Nvidia. How to register to participate is very simple, it only takes 5-8 minutes:

Step 1: Register for Nvidia GTC at https://nvda.ws/35LdaMY

Step 2: Capture the confirmation email from Nvidia

Step 3: Fill out the form to participate in the lucky draw (cash) here: https://forms.gle/FxXifNrqXy5cp2Lc8

Remember to upload the image in step 2

Step 4: Provide information for BTC to dial

Step 5: Join to watch the Nvidia GTC 2022 livestream on March 21, 2022

Lucky dial the RTX 3070 video card will be livestreamed at the fanpage on March 25, 2022

Note that those who complete the steps above are eligible and will be entered into the upcoming draw. Let’s see who will be the owner of the RTX 3070 video card from Nvidia. Good luck.


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