The new line of Yoga computers also includes laptops Yoga Slim 7 Pro 14″ and 16″, Yoga Slim 7i Pro and Yoga 7. To meet the new demand for hybrid home offices – a combination of remote and on-site, Lenovo also announced an All-In-One desktop model with a 27″ 4K display. Yoga AIO 7 The latest uses an ergonomically designed stand that allows for easy adaptation, collaboration with multiple devices, and a style suitable for the modern home.

Lenovo Yoga: Class. Strong. Mobile.

Lenovo’s new Yoga Slim line is a prime example of ultimate performance and portability. These ultra-thin laptops have edge design convenient machine with soft curves that make using and transporting them more convenient and easy. They’re built for a premium experience, thanks to equipment X Power by Lenovo, a set of features that help deliver superior performance. In addition, these laptop models are equipped with PureSight screen impressive, setting the new standard for premium features to deliver sharper, faster and more realistic visual experiences, with Eyesafe certification, safe for the eyes.

The Slim Line represents premium mobile performance – empowering users to adapt to hybrid living conditions with smarter performance and sensing, security and identification features – realized thanks to the tool Lenovo AI Engine+. The intelligent performance of this AI engine can predict users’ performance or battery needs based on their activities, while features Lenovo Intelligent Sense and Integrated Security – also part of the Lenovo AI Engine+ – helping to ensure users can work and play more seamlessly and safely with Yoga.

Consumers can also enjoy the service Premium Care Plus – a premium Lenovo support service for the perfect service experience. This service includes personalized hardware and software support provided by a global network of elite technicians, along with unintended loss protection (ADP), a full battery warranty. , intelligent solutions that enhance PC performance and help with data migration – raising the bar for protection and care, helping users stay productive even under unexpected circumstances. For customers who care about environmental protection, carbon clearing service CO2 Offset Service Lenovo’s is a simple way to offset carbon emissions, allowing consumers to support one of the projects under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Yoga Slim 9i: Clever. Lasting. Strong.

As the first laptop on the market to be certified carbon neutral, the Yoga Slim 9i (14″, Gen 7), is the ideal laptop for customers who care about the environment, but still ensure the portable features. Luxury action, high-end entertainment and high performance thanks to the application of AI technology Has a shell made of 3D glass, the soft edge design of the thin and light chassis is only 14.9 mm, the curved border is seamless, creating a comfortable experience. More comfortable grip and use experience.

A fusion of mobility and performance, the Yoga Slim 9i redefines what mobile entertainment and content creation mean. The device features a 14″ Puresight OLED touch screen display, 16:10 aspect ratio, up to 4K resolution, complemented by premium audio from Bowers & Wilkins. Featuring Vesa-certified HDR True Black 500 display technology, this monitor’s 10-bit color depth can display over a billion colors per pixel and has 100% DCI-P3 full color coverage. Yoga Slim 9i’s four Bowers & Wilkins speakers deliver immersive sound.

Yoga Slim 9i allows users to harness mobile performance tailored to their needs with Intel Evo technology with Intel Core Gen 12 processors. Taking smarter experiences to the next level, feature Lenovo AI Core 2.0 boost performance using AI and smarter security with hardware encryption, which protects devices against root attacks and ransomware. Depending on the task and system load, the AI ​​engine can also dynamically adjust fan speed and hardware performance to optimize and accelerate performance.

Yoga Slim 7i Pro X and Yoga Slim 7 Pro X: Neck machine creative strongno matter where you are

Equipping you with the power to create wherever you go, the Yoga Slim 7i Pro X (14”, Gen 7), and Yoga Slim 7 Pro X (14”, Gen 7), deliver powerful performance to Users can realize their ambitions. These laptops are packed with latest-generation processors, up to 32GB of LPDDR5 RAM, up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050-compatible graphics cards with NVIDIA Studio, and Lenovo’s X Power tools that power design. Heat dissipation to a new level. Lenovo’s X Power engine fine-tunes power according to different usage scenarios, keeping the device at its peak CPU and GPU performance. Weighing in at just under 1.6 kg, these thin and light laptops are designed to be taken anywhere, but packed with powerful performance for digital content services.

Yoga Slim 7i Pro X

Enjoy the latest entertainment on the 14.5” 3K 120 MHz Lenovo Pure Display (with touch screen option) for richer and more accurate color rendering. The machine is calibrated to 100% sRGB color gamut, and is certified to reduce blue light TÜV Hardware Blue Light to help reduce eye fatigue. With the Lenovo AI Engine+ on the new Yoga Slim 7i Pro and 7 Pro, users can be creative with their imaginations.

Yoga Slim 7i Carbon: Art of count mobile

Customers who choose a hybrid and liberal lifestyle and want to work anywhere, from the living room to the office, the Yoga Slim 7i Carbon (13″, Gen 7), will bring them efficiency. incredible portability, coupled with an ultra-light weight of less than 1 kg and a 14.8 mm thin chassis at its thinnest point made from durable aerospace-grade magnesium alloy and reinforced with with multiple layers of carbon fiber. The convenient edge design makes it easy to hold the device. Three modern two-tone color options and a spacious keyboard and trackpad make the Yoga Slim 7i Carbon a highly personalized device that can be taken anywhere.

Get the most out of Intel Evo, featuring a 12th Gen Intel Core processor, enhanced with a fan system that automatically adjusts speed and performance to adapt to your users’ power and battery needs. Create and enjoy virtual content wherever you are with the 13.3″ 2.5k Lenovo PureSight display, optional for touch, with a super-smooth 90 MHz screen refresh rate and a higher 16:10 aspect ratio. Its Lenovo PureSight display features an extended color palette, accurate color gamut, hardware-balanced color gamut with 100% sRGB and 100% color gamut and 8-bit color depth, as well as light reduction certification. TÜV Hardware Low Blue, helps reduce eye strain.

Yoga Slim 7 Pro and Yoga Slim 7i Pro: Essential Performance

Lenovo also announced the refreshed Yoga Slim 7 Pro (14″, Gen 7) and Yoga Slim 7i Pro (14″, Gen 7) lines. These devices are engineered to deliver the critical performance needed, with premium aluminum housing designs and two color options, Storm Gray and Cloud Grey. For creativity on the go, it’s available with a choice of the latest generation Intel Core processors or AMD Ryzen 6000 Series. The machine is equipped with a graphics card up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 with the excellent color, brightness and contrast of the optional Lenovo PureSight OLED screen with support by optional Dolby Vision and 100% sRGB color space.

Yoga Slim 7 Pro

With the option of Storm Gray, the larger screen laptop Yoga Slim 7 Pro (16″, Gen 7) and Yoga Slim 7i Pro (16″, Gen 7), provides outstanding graphics display speed with a large screen. 2.5K IPS display and up to 165Hz refresh rate for super-smooth video editing and gaming. Up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics with NVIDIA Studio compatibility confirmation on the Yoga Slim 7 Pro (16″, Gen 7), and Intel Arc A370M graphics included in the Yoga Slim 7i Pro (16″, Gen 7). Both the Yoga Slim 7 Pro and the Yoga Slim 7i Pro have smart features like Smart Performance, which automatically adjusts speed and battery life, so users can harness powerful performance while working from home or while on the go.

Yoga 7: Endless entertainment

For entertainment and creativity, the new Lenovo Yoga 7 (14″, Gen 7) is a dynamic 2-in-1 convertible laptop with a convenient rounded edge design for easy access. easy to use and carry. Powered by AMD Ryzen 6000 Series processors, this powerful entertainment device features an OLED touch screen display with up to 2.8 K resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio, Dolby Vision support for color realistic, rich in detail, hardware blue-light reduction, as well as Dolby Atmost sound through a four-speaker system.

The highlight of Yoga 7 is flexibility. The higher capacity battery and Rapid Charge Express technology help the device run longer without the need for an electrical outlet. Create, sketch, and take notes with the optional Active Pen. Four usage modes allow users to interact with the Yoga 7 device in a variety of ways. Simplify work and study with smarter features like noise cancellation during video calls and blue light filters to ensure clear video quality, without distractions and eyestrain.

Yoga AIO 7: Strength and Ability power collaborate outstanding

The new Yoga AIO 7 (27”, Gen 7) is an amazingly adaptable all-in-one (AIO) desktop computer. Featuring a 27” 4k IPS display with slim bezels and 95% DCI-P3, the Yoga AIO 7 easily rotates 90 degrees, allowing it to be gently raised or tilted with the hand to create multiple viewing angles – thanks to its flexible hinge design. active.

The new Yoga Series AIO desktops are designed to be the centerpiece of the modern home. This device has enough power to do its job with the AMD Ryzen 6000 Series processor and optional AMD Radeon RX 6600M graphics card using the groundbreaking AMD RNDA2 architecture. To support the home entertainment system, the device is also equipped with 2 5W JBL speakers with the ability to minimize sound distortion thanks to Lenovo’s unique passive sound emission design, and is smaller in size. compared to the previous generation to save space on the desk.

One of the best features of the Yoga AIO 7 is its ability to share and collaborate. Users can now wirelessly stream content from their phone’s screen onto the Yoga AIO 7’s screen to view videos, photos or surf social media on the large 27-inch screen – which can be rotated horizontally or vertically. While working or watching videos on a laptop, users can enhance the sound quality or screen size by plugging the laptop into the Yoga AIO 7’s fully functional USB Type-C port – so users can Control both devices with keyboard and mouse, and charge the laptop at the same time.

Lenovo Smart Lock Services: Protect your device count from the element of surprise

To better support the hybrid lifestyle, Lenovo introduces the latest software application, Lenovo Smart Lock Services. Powered by Absolute and offered through Lenovo Vantage and, this cloud-based security gives users peace of mind in the event of their PCs being stolen, giving them greater remote control. personal information stored on your device.

With powerful security features, when deployed, Lenovo Smart Lock Services will allow users to track and determine the last known location of their Lenovo device, via web browser or mobile app. motion. Users can remotely lock the device to prevent unauthorized access or delete sensitive files with the data wipe feature to prevent identity and data loss. To help users recover stolen computers, the Lenovo Smart Lock Services app provides access to Absolute’s dedicated investigative team, which works closely with local law enforcement to track down stolen computers. Find lost computer.


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