Acer Aspire 7 always leaves users with a lot of sympathy thanks to its beautiful, minimalist design and good configuration.

At the price range of about 20 million VND, it will not be difficult for users to choose a laptop for themselves. However, to own a laptop that can meet all tasks, not all products can do it. With that need, Acer Aspire 7 is a great choice for most users.

Good configuration, enough to “weigh all needs”

The first thing that many users decide to pay for a laptop is the configuration. Not only new gamers need a computer with good hardware power, office workers or content creators also need a “companion” who can do everything smoothly and stably.

Acer Aspire 7 is equipped with a powerful processor like AMD Ryzen 5 5500U or Intel Core i5 10300H, the minimum level of RAM is 8GB (upgradable up to 32GB) and discrete graphics card GTX 1650. For less than 20 million, it is difficult to find an opponent that can compare the configuration with the Aspire 7.

Office tasks, studying, making reports, reading Excel files of thousands of lines can all be done on this machine. Talking about the entertainment capabilities of the machine, because it is oriented to be a good-priced gaming laptop, the Aspire 7 can “weigh” all game genres on the market. The device can smoothly play top eSports games such as Valorant, CS: GO, League of Legends or DOTA2 …

Harmonious design, easy to get used to

For a lot of people, the real beauty lies in simplicity and sophistication, which is also a missing element on many gaming laptop models. Most of the laptop models specializing in gaming are equipped with a design language that is somewhat cumbersome and bunker. The Aspire 7 is not like that. Although oriented as a gaming laptop, simplicity and sophistication are still present on this model.

The top of the Aspire 7 is completely flat, without hard lines, which is one of the points that make many people connect this machine. Especially, for office workers when going to meet partners, using a laptop with a simple and elegant design language still “makes money” than carrying a bunker computer.

In short, the design of the Aspire 7 is suitable for many uses, no matter who it is.

Many technologies for the use process

Not only has good configuration, beautiful and delicate design, Aspire 7 is also equipped with many technologies to better serve the process of use. First, the IPS screen is equipped with Anti Glare anti-glare technology, which filters Acer ComfyView blue light to help protect users’ eyes well.

In addition to a good visual experience, the company is also extremely focused on the sound quality on the Aspire 7. The machine is equipped with Acer TrueHarmony technology that delivers authentic, clear and powerful sound, for a great entertainment experience. great right on latop. For those who often have to carry their laptops around, there is no need to worry too much. Aspire 7 weighs only 2.1 kg, making it easy for users to carry on the go.

Not to mention Acer’s 3S1 Quick Warranty, warranty up to 3 days, including T7 and CN, more than 3 days 1 for 1 exchange will also be applied on this product. A particularly good warranty policy like the 3S1 will make customers feel more secure when choosing Aspire 7 as a companion.


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