ViewSonic VX3219-PC-MHD is a 32-inch curved gaming monitor with a super-fast 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time at a good price, well worth it.

ViewSonic’s product range includes a wide range of attractive monitors, from office monitors to gaming and graphics-oriented users. ViewSonic VX3219-PC-MHD will be a monitor for gaming users, with attractive parameters such as 240Hz high refresh rate and 1ms response rate, 1500R curvature and 32-inch large size at the same level. reasonable price will be very attractive in the segment under 9 million.

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ViewSonic VX3219-PC-MHD Specifications

ViewSonic VX3219-PC-MHD
Size31.5-inch VA
ResolutionFHD 1920 x 1080 @ 240
Aspect Ratio16:9 curvature 1500R
Static Contrast Ratio3,000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio80M:1
Response time1ms (MPRT)

300 cd/㎡

Color stripsRGB: 103%
NTSC: 72%

1 X DP
2 X HDMI 2.0
1 x power port
1 x 3.5mm . port

Built-in speaker

2 2W . speakers

Included technologies

Anti-Glare Surface, Hard Coating (3H)
AMD Adaptive Sync
80M Dynamic Contrast: 1
ViewSonic’s exclusive ViewMode
Flicker-free technology
Anti-blue light technology
Eco-Mode saves energy

First of all, let’s talk about ViewSonic’s attentive care to users when continuing to provide long-legged screws along with long temple pieces. This little gift will be extremely useful in the recent times when everyone in the family uses the screen Arm. Usually, curved screens have uneven backs, so those who use the stand will need to ask or buy thick pads to be able to attach the pad to the back of the screen to avoid movement. . With only a small gift, ViewSonic has solved problems for users.

ViewSonic VX3219-PC-MHD will still have a simple shape and not invest too much in design. On the back we will have pyramidal lines with steps as heat sinks. The large ViewSonic logo and cutouts add a bit of aesthetic, but overall the product doesn’t have too many gaming elements.

The fixed V-leg with a fairly traditional design is one of the ways that ViewSonic cuts costs for monitors. The monitor stand can only tilt up 20º and bend down -5º, when rotating horizontally, the user needs to rotate the vertical leg. This leg is solid, although the traditional design and no wiring slot will probably make those who like to decorate the gaming corner, their working corner feel a bit sorry. The weight of the VX3219-PC-MHD without the stand will be less than 5kg and only need arms with a load of 6kg or more. So if possible, buy yourself a monitor arm because it’s really convenient, helping to free up space below the screen.

Regarding the connection ports, ViewSonic uses a combination of ports including a circular source port, two HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort and a 3.5mm port for the VX3219-PC-MHD. The connection ports are still enough for you to use, but unfortunately there is no USB port to connect accessories.

Moving to the front of the screen, ViewSonic VX3219-PC-MHD owns a large 32-inch screen with 1500R curvature. This curvature is not too curved, but it is still enough for the feeling of being immersed in content from playing games to watching movies. Curved screens will bring advantages in terms of user experience over flat screens, better viewing angles, less glare.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the VX3219-PC-MHD stands out with a scanning frequency of up to 240Hz and a large size in the price range of less than 9 million. It can be said that in this segment, this is indeed a bargain for those who want a super high refresh rate screen. Currently, there are not many monitors that offer this refresh rate in the 32-inch segment. In addition to the refresh rate, the ViewSonic VX3219-PC-MHD is also equipped with other gamer technologies such as 1ms MPRT response, Adaptive Sync to help eliminate screen tearing and tearing to provide smooth seamless images. .

The actual experience of the VX3219-PC-MHD from ViewSonic is very good, with its large size and high refresh rate, all tasks on this screen are smooth and very happy. Especially in game tasks, especially in open world games, specifically Elden Ring, which is very hot recently. With its large size, you can cover the viewing angle, or you can also use it to your advantage to see the angles. Especially, the super-large 80M: 1 dynamic contrast ratio will also help make the scenes in the game less gloomy, especially some very dark and somewhat scary areas.

The display quality of the screen is good, not too excellent because the resolution only stops at Full HD (1920×1080). This is probably what ViewSonic cut to the best price for the VX3219-PC-MHD. Targeted at users who are mainly gaming or entertainment, office work, so it can be said that this resolution does not affect the experience process. The large screen size also makes office work easier when there are many areas to open application tabs.

The ViewSonic VX3219-PC-MHD has 72% NTSC color coverage and 103% sRGB color coverage, which is quite standard and not professional enough for imaging work, but good enough for office work, entertainment, and more. gaming. Combined with ViewSonic’s VA panel and SuperClear technology, the screen offers good viewing angles.

To summarize, is this ViewSonic VX3219-PC-MHD monitor any good? Is there a “bargain”? The answer is yes if you are in need of a large curved screen with a high refresh rate. With a 240Hz refresh rate and gaming technologies, this will be an entertainment option worth choosing. Although the resolution is not high and the screen still owns a fairly basic design and does not stand out very much. But the quality that ViewSonic delivers is enough to make up for these cuts.

ViewSonic also has a cheaper version, the ViewSonic VX3218-PC-MHD, which also has a 32-inch size, 165Hz refresh rate and similar technologies to this monitor. But Viet Technology advises that the price difference is not much, so if you have enough money, choose this VX3219-PC-MHD code because the experience is much better.


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