The ID2456 touch screen can be installed in lecture halls or large lecture halls. The screen possesses capacitive touch technology (PCAP) for 10-point touch at the same time, accurately and quickly. Teachers fully perform touch operations to open files, edit documents, drag and drop images without using other peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse or stylus. ViewSonic ID2456 is equipped with an HDMI output port with 4K resolution allowing easy connection to a projector or large format LED display.

The ID2456 touch screen is sold with a high-end stylus that makes the writing experience, a little bit of the screen real thanks to the use of MPP2.0 technology and supports 4,096 levels of pressure sensing. Teachers can customize the pressure to create different strokes. In addition, this stylus allows tilt angle detection up to ±50o combined with palm recognition to help teachers easily experience natural writing.

When using the ID2456 touch screen in combination with myViewBoard software, teachers will have a comprehensive teaching solution in class, online or blended teaching. ID2456 can take full advantage of all teaching tools from myViewBoard including digital whiteboards, sample lecture sets, real-time interactive tools such as group discussions through touch, drag and drop operations. and drop easily.


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