When looking to buy a used iPhone, it is very important to check hidden iCloud, so let’s answer what is hidden iCloud and how to check if iPhone is stuck in hidden iCloud.

One of the things to be careful when buying used iPhones is to check carefully before buying. It is these iPhone devices that are at risk of being exposed to hidden iCloud.

Hidden iCloud is a form of iCloud account that still has an activation lock state on Apple’s servers even after signing out of the device. In simple terms, hidden iCloud means that the device has been signed in to iCloud but does not appear in the settings of the device.

These hidden iClouds will be a measure to see if the device has been completely signed out of the device or not. At the same time, when iCloud is hidden, the device will not be able to use all of iCloud’s features. Especially more serious is that the device can be locked at any time through the Find My application on the iPhone. In addition, when updating software or factory reset, devices with hidden iCloud will be stuck at the activation screen, making you unable to use that device anymore.

How to check if iPhone has hidden iCloud?

To check if the device has hidden iCloud, you can follow the steps below:

The fastest way is to reset the device, even when there is no network. To reset your iPhone, go to me Setting (Settings) => General settings (General) => Select Set again (Reset) => Select Erase all content and settings (Delete All Content & Settings) => Finally, select Erase iPhone (Delete iPhone), is complete.

Once completed, your iPhone will be taken to the initial setup screen, now you will receive a request to activate the correct iCloud if this is a phone with hidden iCloud, otherwise you can activate it with your account New iCloud.

Next, you can check through third-party services. This way will need to connect the iPhone device to the internet and have the device’s IMEI or Serial number. To see the device’s IMEI and Serial number, follow the link Setting (Settings) => General settings (General) => Introduce (About).

After we have the IMEI and Serial number, we will open the browser and access this address: https://sickw.com. The website interface appears, you need to enter the Serial number or IMEI in the blank box, continue to select FREE ICLOUD ON/OFF STATUS in the lower menu and press the smiley icon next to it.

At this point, if the device is logged in with iCloud and is using Find My iPhone, it will say ON, otherwise it will be OFF. Now you need to contact the previous owner of the iPhone to turn it off and log out completely.

Finally, check with the 3uTools tool, this way you will be able to see detailed information about the device such as: IMEI code, origin, iCloud… However you need to install iTunes(Download here) and the 3uTools tool(Download here).

After the installation is complete, connect your iPhone to the computer with a connection cable and then select Trust on the iPhone screen the first time you use 3uTools.

At this point, the software will notify you of the iCloud status and you can offer a timely solution.


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