Employees now have new expectations at work. Technology today needs to at least work for its intended purpose, while providing an effective employee experience. To materialize these, Dell introduces a range of smart PC products, accessories, software and services that support hybrid working (alternating work from the office and from home).

According to a new study from Dell Technologies, 44% of employees want leaders to empower themselves to choose how they work, while providing the necessary equipment and infrastructure for the job. Through the introduction of new products, Dell wants to help IT teams deploy the best equipment for the job.

Smart software, work together more efficiently

Supporting Dell’s new products is Dell Optimizer, a software suite with artificial intelligence integrated to harness the power of Dell’s AI-powered smart PCs, thereby creating a great work experience. better teamwork and personalization. New capabilities drive the growth of today’s combined workforce as people work from anywhere, facing more security risks and unstable connections.

  • Security: With comprehensive new Smart Security features, users can hide sensitive information on the screen when it detects someone approaching, this time, the computer automatically dims when the user is no longer looking at the screen. form to secure information and save power at the same time.
  • Connection: Dell Optimizer has a multi-network connection system, so users can connect to a wired or wireless network at the same time for faster downloads and data transfers. The software also helps to reduce interruptions and reduce latency by up to 30%.
  • Working group: Dell Optimizer integrates advanced noise cancellation technology based on artificial intelligence to sense sounds from the user’s surroundings, thereby minimizing unwanted noise to improve conversation quality.

Dell Optimizer enhances manageability with modular feature installation. Users and IT administrators now have the flexibility to choose which features they want to install.

Enhance productivity for every job

Dell’s new products are born for business executives and users who demand flexibility and high performance. All products feature 12th generation Intel Core processors and the latest connectivity options, including 5G and Intel Wi-Fi 6E.

  • Latitude 9430 is an extremely high-end 2-in-1 laptop model. This is the world’s smallest 14″ 16:10 business PC, with the largest screen-to-body ratio. In addition to the new metallic graphite color version, this product also integrates a new FHD camera for clearer video conferencing quality.
  • With an ultra-compact but sturdy design, Latitude 7330 Ultralight Dell’s is a high-end, small and light laptop model with a 13.3 “screen, 16: 9 aspect ratio. Weighing in at 0.967 kg, Dell’s new product packs all the ports needed to balance work performance in a premium form factor, without sacrificing the reliability that’s come with its name. of the Latitude brand.
  • The popularity of video conferencing requires systems to run smoothly, so the new Latitude 7000 series will feature higher-performance processors and optional DDR5 memory. Heat dissipation and sound have also been improved. Accompanying the Latitude 2-in-1 machines is Dell Premier Rechargeable Active Pen, the stylus integrates positioning via Bluetooth connection. Dell will also update the Latitude 5000 series products, and introduce the new Latitude 3330 model.

New workstation models and solutions within the Dell ecosystem will help creators and engineers maximize performance and flexibility.

As people switch between workspaces, ecosystem devices and IT services become essential to deliver a seamless and simple experience.

Sustainability and security

At the core of every product is Dell’s commitment to sustainability and security. New Dell products use more sustainable materials. With the ability to recycle for reuse, the new packaging is made 100% from recycled and renewable materials. This packaging method will be used on all new computer models, including Latitude laptops, Precision mobile workstations and XPS 13 Plus; As a result, Dell will make a greater impact in protecting the environment.

Dell’s commercial computer models are highly secure by using software and hardware to protect the operating system from current and future attacks. A new feature appearing on Dell Latitude devices is Self-Healing Image Recovery with the ability to recover the operating system after encountering a serious crash.


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