Here’s how to save your messages to iCloud to keep them safe or save if you move to a new device.

If you work through texting, then conversations are important, so messages are important. So you need to store these messages in a place where they can be accessed when needed and especially restored if you change devices. Here’s how to save your messages to iCloud:

Step 1: Open Settings and tap your name when it appears, then scroll down a bit and tap iCloud.

Here you will see iCloud settings and will show you what is saved and not saved. Before saving make sure you have enough iCloud space as messages can consume a lot of resources, especially picture and audio messages.

Step 2: After you have ensured enough space, you scroll down a bit to see the Messages section, turn it on and you’re done (usually this item will turn off).

Once turned on, you can go to other work and wait until your iPhone or iPad to sync time. Remember to check the message for errors or any other problems that arise.

If successful, go back to iCloud and pay attention to the amount of storage. If there is a green color on the capacity bar, it means that the message has been saved. If you do not see any message and the Messages button is on, it means that you have turned it on before and the device automatically syncs.


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