Review the Razer Seiren BT microphone, a versatile wireless microphone with a compact design and good recording quality, suitable for many recording needs, chat and Bluetooth headset for you.

In the series of products for gamers, Razer Seiren BT is not only the best support for gamers, it is also a quality recording microphone, a clear chat microphone or a Bluetooth headset solution that you can enjoy. replacement in situations if needed.


  • Sampling frequency: 48 kHz
  • Recording structure: 6mm . omnidirectional microphone
  • Connection type: Bluetooth v5.0, Analogue
  • Connection range: Up to 10 meters
  • Microphone latency: Less than 20 msec
  • Battery: 140 mAh, theoretical use up to 6 hours
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • Dimensions: 62 x 17.80 x 15.60 (mm)
  • Included accessories: Charging cable, x2 air filter

In addition to the large Seiren X series with good sound quality and beautiful design, Razer also pampers its gamer users with the cute and neat Mini model. However, with frequent travel, or users who need a neater microphone or studios that need a more flexible solution than fixed microphones, Razer continues to please them with the Seiren BT. BT stands for Bluetooth and this will be the protocol to use.

To provide an “all-in-one” solution for a microphone that can meet all user needs but still has an extremely compact design. Seiren BT will give you a first impression when it is very small. In comparison, it is only slightly better than a USB. Equipped with a clip that can be easily attached to a shirt for recording like other dedicated recording microphones.

Overall compact in the hand, Seiren BT will have a microphone position on the top along with a 3.5mm port. The bottom side will be the USB-C charging port; The horizontal side will be the multi-function power button and along with that in front of the microphone will be a clothespin. Due to the small size, Razer integrates a lot of functions into the power button, so when using it you will need to remember:

  • Single tap: Play music/pause, accept or reject incoming calls, hold one call and receive another, end calls and transfer calls
  • Press twice: Mute/ummute microphone during a call
  • Long press for 2 seconds: Reject all calls, transfer calls.

In addition to the main character, inside the product box will also have a USB-C charging cable, and two foam and furry air filters. Basically, these two air filters have a good sound reduction effect, reducing the sound of the wind hitting the microphone, creating buzzing and popping sounds. In addition, it will further reduce *pop* whenever speaking too loudly or emphasizing the microphone. The furry air filter will filter better, so Razer recommends users to use it outdoors or in high wind environments. However, the foam will be easier to clean and less dusty, suitable for studio spaces or users who just need to filter the air, reduce noise to chat with friends via Discord, or make phone calls, for example.

The design is not really good

It can be said that possessing a lapel design, compact and only about the size of a USB, but Razer is still able to bring a voltage stabilized microphone which is a good and impressive design. But to say this is the best design is still not possible. As you can see, the microphone and 3.5mm headphone jack are located close to each other, so if you use the air filter, you can’t use this 3.5mm port and vice versa. Of course, it is possible to “modify” a bit, but certainly the efficiency of the air filter will decrease and will be less aesthetic.

Impressive recording quality

With a compact size, the Razer Seiren BT offers a stable recording quality with the needs of users from streamers, casters (commentators) or gaming users who need to chat with friends. For users who record for other needs, especially studio users, Seiren BT is not the best choice, but it is also a good choice for not too demanding needs, or other needs. requires a versatile and easily portable microphone.

Record with iPhone X:

Recording with Seiren BT connected to Bluetooth (AI is off):

Recording with Seiren BT connected to Bluetooth (AI on):

The big plus of Seiren BT is that Razer’s perfect noise reduction AI, it will significantly reduce noise when you activate it at the highest level. But using AI will make the voice no longer honest, somewhat like a machine, so if in the case of a loud noise environment that the air filter cannot filter it all, AI with an additional air filter will always be a good choice. . This is one thing that users need to trade off.

Recording with Seiren BT connected to Bluetooth (AI is off and using furry filter):

Average sound quality

One interesting thing is that Seiren BT can also be a Bluetooth headset for you if you have a 3.5mm headset. When connected to a microphone, your system will look like a complete wireless headset. Overall, this is a good idea of ​​Razer when allowing users to have a wireless headset quickly, but with the compact size of the microphone, it is difficult to integrate a quality decoder. . This is an extra feature for anyone who is using a regular wired headset who wants to switch to nothing.


Summarizing this Seiren BT Bluetooth microphone, it can be said with a compact and unique design along with stable recording quality, with built-in noise-canceling AI to provide the clearest sound quality. The microphone’s design is also a plus point that makes it less noticeable when compared to other wireless microphone competitors. Razer Seiren BT currently has a reference price of 2,900,000 VND in Vietnam.


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