The Galaxy S20 5G – one of Samsung’s top flagships that once rocked the technology market, has now been compared with the Google Pixel 6. It’s surprising that the price drop of the Samsung model is amazing. , at the moment the device is priced at 5 million cheaper than the Google Pixel 6.

But this does not mean that the Samsung S20 5G is weaker than the newly launched Google model. The phone is still equipped with a series of attractive features that provide a great user experience. Of course, each device will have its own pros and cons, targeting different users. To understand better, let’s compare these two models.


The needs of users are quite diverse at the moment, some people like the large screen experience but others prefer the compact screen. This is also the reason for manufacturers to bring many screen size options for users to choose from. Galaxy S20 5G and Google Pixel 6 are both compact overall, easy to pocket and one-handed operation.

Google Pixel 6 has a breakthrough design

The premium and durability of the two phones is reflected in the unique combination of sturdy metal frames and sleek glass backs. Depending on the aesthetic taste of the user to be able to judge between the Galaxy S20 5G and the Google Pixel 6 which is the better phone. If Samsung’s model uses a rectangular camera module containing lenses, on Pixel 6 uses a horizontal camera bar, separating the back of the device into 2 separate tones.

This is the highlight that makes the device easily distinguishable from other products. The front of both phones uses a mole screen design, making the display area more spacious. However, the bezel on the Google Pixel 6 is quite thick when compared to the Galaxy S20 5G. In my opinion, the front of Samsung phones is more dominant.

Display screen

Google equips Pixel 6 with a 6.4-inch screen size, using a mole design. Based on today’s market standards, this size is not too large but can still meet your experience well in all cases. The phone uses an OLED panel with a 90Hz refresh rate, although not as smooth as the 120Hz refresh rate of the Galaxy S20, it is still better than 60Hz.

Galaxy S20 5G screen has a size of 6.2 inches, using 120Hz refresh rate

The Samsung Galaxy S20 screen, although smaller in size, is only 6.2 inches, but the display quality is more dominant. Specifically, the device uses a Dynamic AMOLED panel combined with a 120Hz refresh rate to bring a vivid and sharp visual experience, or watch videos. As for the hands-on experience, both phones offer quite a bit of visual comfort.


Configuration Galaxy S20 Powered by Snapdragon 865 processor, up to now, the performance of the device is still extremely stable. Meanwhile, Google Pixel 6 is equipped with Tensor processor chip, which is Google’s first chipset and is appreciated for its good performance. Experience with both phones in everyday tasks is very smooth, no lag, jerky.

Google Pixel 6 configuration provides a stable experience, supports long-term updates

However, due to an earlier launch, the Samsung S20 will lose its advantage in long-term use compared to Google’s model. Fingerprint sensor security technology on Samsung flagship is better appreciated when it comes to fast and accurate unlocking speed. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel 6 phone also uses this security technology, but it has some bugs that make users feel uncomfortable.

Ability to take pictures on both phones

One of the biggest pluses on Pixel phones is the camera, Google Pixel 6 It is no exception when equipped with an impressive camera system. The phone is equipped with a 50MP main sensor combined with image processing algorithms to provide excellent, sharp quality. The ultra-wide-angle camera does not receive significant upgrades, but it still supports good photography in all conditions.

Once again Samsung dominates in the number of lenses, the phone is equipped with 3 cameras with 64MP sensor, 1 12MP wide-angle sensor and 1 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensor. In addition, the phone is also equipped with AI that helps in better photography. The phone is capable of 30x zoom thanks to the telephoto lens, although not as excellent as the “Ultra” variant but it is enough to beat many competitors on the market. market. Besides, Samsung also brings some attractive features such as Single Take, 8K video recording, Super Steady …

Galaxy S20 camera offers good photography, 30x zoom

In general, both Galaxy S20 5G and Google Pixel 6 can meet the needs of users at the present time. Each product has its own strengths and weaknesses. Galaxy S20 brings 30x zoom camera, 120Hz screen, stable performance, super-sensitive fingerprint sensor… meanwhile, Pixel 6 supports longer updates, bigger display…

There is not much difference, but Samsung’s model receives more attention when it is 5 million cheaper than Google’s flagship. Update rates at US Mobile shows that the old version of Google Pixel 6 with 8GB RAM / 128GB ROM version is priced from 12.49 million, . Meanwhile, the price of the old Galaxy S20 5G with 12GB RAM, 99% old 128GB ROM is VND 7.29 million. Obviously, the Samsung flagship is dealing a heavy blow to Google’s device in terms of price. But this is understandable because the Galaxy S20 has been out since 2020, while the Pixel 6 has just been released, so it will be better to keep the price.


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