Win the lottery, open the “treasury” with Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile

Win the lottery, open the "treasury" with Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile

The folk game of bingo has now been organized by Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile right in the middle of a summer day at the event No. What this!. In parallel with that, the activity of the Occlusion of the Ti River was equally crowded with the list of gifts that made me feel excited just listening to it.

In the summer, gamers Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile (VLTK1M) have the opportunity to “play” new activities. This time, NPH VNGGames evoked memories with two close childhood games: bingo and rock-paper-scissors.

What Number Is This! – Loudly chanting with friends and brothers

Playground What Number Is This! will start from May 19, 2022 – June 2, 2022 with the same rules as bingo: players need to collect enough Random Number Cards in a horizontal or vertical row to “Bingo!”.

As the name suggests, the Random Number Card will give you any numbers from 01 to 25. Players only need to collect and fill the number boxes in the playing field to receive the Summer Chest bonus (level limit). The higher the server’s value, the higher the gift value). The Summer Chest contains a lot of Wind Wind and Meteor Booster materials.

In addition, during the course of the game, for each box of any number opened on the bingo board, you will receive a random reward such as Huyen Tinh, Linh Ngo Don, Son Trang Truong Ca Son Trang, and Hanh Hiep Lenh. . More specifically, if you complete 5 number boxes in a vertical or horizontal row, gamers will receive special items in its gift box. According to the rules, there will be 5 columns and 5 lines of numbers to be awarded. Therefore, always prioritize finding and arranging them to receive these rewards early, before searching for other odd numbers outside.

A Random Number Card will be dropped when the player participates in the event’s monster quest. Every day, gamers have 3 times to receive, corresponding to 3 number cards from this activity. For players who don’t have time, you can use 5 checks to buy numbers. Players of this “check” system will have a maximum of 24 purchases. Therefore, it is still advisable to carry out interlacing tasks to ensure that the necessary numbers are collected.

As for the number 23, the player can only own it when two conditions are met:

  • Collected all the remaining numbers in the table
  • Complete spend 3000 KNB. The player will also receive a box of 10 Secret Recipes.

Rock-paper-scissors – Easy to play, easy to win

Too familiar with the community, the rules of the game of Occlusion are completely similar to what we have experienced in our childhood. Is it different, the reward will be decided by you, and whether you win or lose, you will have a gift.

At the start, players will be given a choice of 7 sets of rewards that will be received upon victory. It can be Phi Phong Materials, Meteorite Supplements, Equipment-Making Charms – Golden, Di Hanh Chau – Dusty, …

After choosing, gamers just need to start the game with the system by choosing Scissors – Hammer – Sack. Each turn, you will spend a small fee, but in return, the percentage of winning will be continuously increased after each loss.

In case of winning, the main reward is the gift set you have chosen. If the player does not want to receive this turn, the player will choose Skip to choose another reward, but the win rate will reset to 0%.

Don’t worry too much, because if you miss “lose” in a number of turns, you can still receive “consolation” rewards such as Silver, Huyen Tinh, Linh Ngo Don, etc.

The wager on each Winning Gift Set will be different, increasing gradually according to the value of the rewards as well as their number. To receive the highest reward is the Equip Remix Charm – Golden, Di Hanh Chau – Dusty. Finally, when you have collected all 7 sets of Win rewards, you can spend 100 Checks to continue an “extra round” to collect more gifts.

Summer Day activity in VLTK1M will bring a lot of great rewards, including all the important ingredients that gamers are lacking. In addition, it helps players receive “rare and hard to find” items. So, get ready for ammunition so you can have a great time on this summer day.

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