As you know, data is very important to every individual or business. Your website lost can be rebuilt but the data inside it once lost is very difficult to recover without backup. For the system at AZDIGI, we always support periodic backups to help customers. However, at the same time, AZDIGI still encourages customers to actively back up according to their personal time frame.

In the cPanel hosting packages that AZDIGI is providing, there is an application called Softaculous, this is an application that helps users install website software. At the same time, this application is also equipped with a feature that is data backup, which in this article AZDIGI will share with you to backup data to Google Drive through Softaculous.

We invite you to consult and practice together.

To backup data to Google Drive through Softaculous, follow the steps below in sequence.

Step 1: Access Softaculous

In the cPanel interface, find the item named WordPress Manager by Softaculous

Backup data to Google Drive via Softaculous

Step 2: Add new backup

After getting inside Softaculousyou click on the icon and then select the item Add Backup Location

Backup data to Google Drive via Softaculous

In Add Backup Location you choose as follows

  • Location Name: Name the new backup
  • Protocol: Choose where to store the backup file and here I choose Google Drive
  • Backup Location (Optional): Blank

Then you choose Add Backup Location

Backup data to Google Drive via Softaculous

After clicking on Add Backup Location You will be redirected to a Google login page, and select the account you want to back up to.

Next get Allow to assign permissions to the app with Google Drive.

Once done you will see the backup you just created. Click on the backup you just created and select Edit Settings to set as default

Step 3: Backup your website

Backup has been completed, now it’s time to choose a website that allows backup to Google Drive. You select the ✏️ icon corresponding to the website to be backed up.

Next, choose the following to choose the backup and the data to be backed up:

  • Backup Location: Select the backup name created in Step 2
  • Use above selected files/folders for Backup: Select Yes

Then back up the Backup message by clicking Backup Installation

The backup is in progress and pushed to Google drive, and the completion time will depend on the size of your data.

The backup process is complete, open Drive with the email account you set up initially. You will see a folder named Softaculous Auto Installer Included is the backup file.

Step 4: Restore the website

In case you want to restore the website from the backed up files. Go to the Backup section in the softaculous of the website, here you will see the files that have been backed up. And to restore, click on the reverse arrow as shown in the image below.

Select the data to restore and continue to click Restore Installation

The Restore process is being started.

And after the Restore is complete you will receive the following message.

Hopefully through the article Backing up data to Google Drive through Softaculous will help you be proactive in backing up. Thereby keeping your data ready and safe.

Hope you are succesful.

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