J&T Express and Vietnamese farmers model “from farm to table”

J&T Express and Vietnamese farmers model "from farm to table"

June is the season for agricultural products to start cropping. Some localities such as Bac Giang, Son La, Hung Yen, Bac Kan… have ready consumption plans on e-commerce platforms.

The push from Covid-19 has made Vietnamese agricultural products gradually popular on online shopping platforms. In addition to the production role, farmers have taken advantage of available communication channels to sell products directly to consumers, helping to gradually realize the “from farm to fork” model. However, is this model sustainable and sustainable, farmers need a comprehensive solution, including the companionship of the courier business.

Bringing agricultural products online: Great demand creates a new wave

According to the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, from the first months of 2022, relevant departments in provinces such as Bac Giang, Son La, Hung Yen, Bac Kan, Can Tho … have issued implementation of consumption plans on promoting agricultural product consumption on e-commerce. The role of the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy is to coordinate to connect provinces and cities with major e-commerce platforms in Vietnam. In addition to the connection efforts of the local government, individuals such as gardeners, farm owners, etc. also self-advocate “online offers”, joining the general flow.

A typical case for being agile, grasping market trends is Mr. Do Minh Thinh – owner of Vitamin farm (Da Lat), guest in the 3rd broadcast of the “Red Instruction” series of talks by the brand. organized by the express delivery brand J&T Express, with the theme “Bridge from farm to table”. Recently, Do Minh Thinh has achieved unexpected results when successfully conquering the Bach Tuyet strawberry variety, a strawberry variety that is considered the rarest and most difficult to grow outdoors. As a young person doing agriculture using modern models, Do Minh Thinh said that in addition to researching and developing organic agricultural products, he is also proactive in ensuring output by promoting and selling products online. society and combine with shipping units to bring products to consumers.

Stakeholders’ efforts in supporting farmers to connect online sales channels.

Currently, local production, export and cooperative establishments are no stranger to online business, but they are still small and have many limitations in applying technology to various stages. such as operations, logistics.

As a modern express delivery business that has just launched the largest transit center in Vietnam, J&T Express proves its quick adaptation to market needs, according to the following criteria: Where is it difficult to find J&T Express. This business promptly proposed a solution during the Covid-19 season with the J&T Fresh service – a transportation model dedicated to agricultural products and fresh goods. In particular, J&T Express accompanies Bac Giang farmers in directing how to livestream lychee on social networks, supporting the harvest of na bo for the people of Lien Khe commune, contributing to the consumption of pomelo and durian. for Nha Trang gardeners. J&T Express’s efforts in supporting Vietnamese agricultural products have made it convenient for farmers to find solutions to output agricultural products. In addition, J&T Express also supports the consumption, harvesting, and packaging of goods according to prescribed standards to ensure the quality of transportation to consumers. Thanks to that, farmers can control the price without going through any other unit.

Connectivity – the key to realizing the modern agricultural model

Continuous innovation has paved the way for a new agricultural management model called 3F: Feed – Farm – Food (from farm to fork), with the core goal of creating quality agricultural products and transporting them to customers. delivered to consumers but still ensure the same freshness as when it was on the farm. However, the model still has challenges such as the weak connection from supply to demand with the participation of both farmers, e-commerce channels and transporters, in order to create a sustainable connection that helps the country to grow. Realize the 3F model.

With an effort in finding a synchronous solution for sales, closing orders and shipping goods to consumers, Mr. Phan Binh – Brand Director of J&T Express commented that “With the current strong online trend, the courier business, e-commerce platform, farmer or KOC (key consumer) all hold a balanced position. Businesses must jointly propose a comprehensive solution, guiding farmers from point A to point B so that the seller’s trade becomes more convenient, avoiding complete dependence on one unit.“.

Mr. Lam The Khai – Product Manager UPOS

J&T Express supports intermediaries between farmers, consumers and e-commerce floors, and also a livestreaming and multi-channel selling platform. Lam The Khai – Product Director of UPOS shared “UPOS software has a close connection with e-commerce platforms, with diverse features of product, order and inventory management, sellers can easily manage goods, monitor shipping. Transfer and customer information with just a few simple steps. This increases their chances of a successful sale.“.

In addition to J&T Express’s flexibility in proposing solutions based on the diverse needs of customers, UPOS software contributes to helping farmers solve revenue needs, technology questions and help they focus on their strengths – agricultural production. The parties work together smoothly to bring the most optimal experience to the consumer right up to the final shipment. Believing that with consumer-centric development strategies, J&T Express and its partners can join hands to contribute to raising Vietnamese agricultural products, and at the same time promise to bring the country’s agriculture to a new level. , in harmony with the development trend of the world.

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