Vietnam won the final at Imagine Cup Junior 2022

Vietnam won the final at Imagine Cup Junior 2022

Microsoft officially announced the list of 10 winners of the Imagine Cup Junior 2022 technology innovation contest and the Sky-Line Humanitarian team from Sky-Line High School, Middle School, and High School, Da Nang with the idea of ​​mind-integrated applications. artificial intelligence (AI) that connects hospitals with blood donors by blood type and encourages everyone to participate in blood donation has excelled in being one of the 10 winning teams.

Imagine Cup Junior is a global competition organized by Microsoft that promotes creativity skills and a love of technology among students through the use of AI to support and change the issues above. the world such as environmental challenges, community health improvement, accessibility and inclusion enhancement, human rights issues, preservation of cultural heritage values, etc. students cultivate a love of technology and use technology to solve real-life problems. Accordingly, the 5 main areas of the competition include: AI for Earth, AI for Cultural Heritage, AI for Human Capability, AI for Humanitarian Action and AI for Health.

The tests are evaluated and scored based on 6 criteria: Creative novelty, Level of application of artificial intelligence, Potential for social and global impact, Creativity in presenting ideas, Ethics (ability to comply with Microsoft AI guidelines) and Cybersecurity Problem Solving. Accompanying the teams are experts, a team of experienced Microsoft IT engineers and training partners.

This year, the contest attracted thousands of students between the ages of 13 and 18 with creative ideas that made the judges work hard to come up with the final results. With the theme AI for Humanitarian Action, Sky-Line Humanitarian has used AI technology to find and match the right blood type with the patient, then will encourage users to donate blood with detailed and thorough analysis. .

Nguyen Quynh Tram, General Director of Microsoft Vietnam, shared: “We are very pleased that Vietnam has a representative in the Top 10 of Imagine Cup Junior in the first time participating. Although the contest was held in the context of an unstable pandemic and students not returning to school, we were really impressed with their ideas, creativity and efforts in applying them. artificial intelligence. I believe that Imagine Cup Junior will continue to be a useful playground for Vietnamese students to learn and experience more deeply about AI, helping them confidently apply technology to rise up in life and contribute to the community. community and the world.”

The Sky-Line Humanitarian team consisted of five 12th graders from Sky-Line Danang High School, namely Nguyen Anh Hao, Tran Nguyen Dieu Khe, Nguyen Phu Hoang Long, To Dinh Nhat Anh, and Nguyen Quang Minh. Nguyen Anh Hao, representative of Sky-Line Humanitarian, shared: “We chose this topic because currently there are very few tools to store and search for data related to blood type. At the same time, finding the necessary blood types for the patient is currently a difficult problem due to the limitation in the connection between the hospital and the blood donor.”

Mr. Hao also added: “Imagine Cup Junior is a very meaningful competition because it is a playground for us to learn, try and use the power of AI to solve difficult problems in daily life.”

In 2022, Imagine Cup Junior was first launched in Vietnam. With a total number of participating teams of 107, Vietnam is ranked 4th worldwide in terms of the number of entries submitted to the Organizing Committee (behind only the US, India and Australia) and leading in Asia. Pacific on the number of teams registered to participate.

The list of 10 winners of Imagine Cup Junior 2022, arranged in alphabetical order:

  • ARISE, Nepal: ARISE is an AI-integrated interactive app to enhance accessibility of chemistry lab equipment using motion and augmented reality technology.
  • AutoCrab, Hong Kong: AutoCrab is an AI sensor for monitoring and regulating water quality in hairy crab farms.
  • Clean Up Crew, Australia: Clean Up Crew is an all-powerful AI device that collects and sorts waste materials for proper recycling.
  • Earthatarian, United Kingdom: Earthatarian is an AI-powered app to reduce food waste by predicting the ‘actual shelf life’ of stocked food items and tracking food consumption.
  • HACKRR, Philippines: WTFact is a fact-checking utility that uses AI to detect fake news and make Internet users aware of cyber misinformation.
  • NeuSparks, China: NeuSparks uses Azure AI and Machine Learning to convert folk music into a digital format (MIDI) for easy transmission, and supports sheet music creation and remixing.
  • Sea Waste Scavengers, Indonesia: This AI project is a ship that runs entirely on electricity from solar and hydroelectric power. The ship can track, locate, and collect plastic waste and send it to a recycling plant.
  • Sky-Line Humanitarian, Vietnamis an AI-integrated mobile application that connects hospitals and blood donors by blood type, and also encourages people to donate blood through propaganda.
  • Team Sensory Metaverse, India: Sensory Metaverse is a virtual reality program consisting of a headset and a suit that helps users not only see but feel virtual reality.
  • VORA, USA: VORA is an image recognition aid for the visually impaired.
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